Training Industry’s Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) program is the first of its kind: A credential focused specifically on the training manager job role. Launched in 2015, the CPTM program is backed by a body of knowledge collected annually from thousands of learning and development (L&D) leaders across the globe since 2008. These findings are published in the report, “What Makes a Training Organization Great?” and are the basis of Training Industry’s Training Manager Competency Model™.

Over 15 years of research on high-performing training organizations to create the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM) program.

Through over 15 years of research on the core processes of great training organizations, Training Industry recognized that training managers need practical skills, job aids, tools and strategies to be successful. The CPTM program was designed specifically to help you strategically align training to business goals, which is the foundation of great training.

With a focus on the core responsibilities and key competencies of the training manager job role and the best practices of great training organizations, getting certified offers you an understanding of how to apply those principles when aligning your L&D plan to organizational goals. This serves as the foundation from which the training manager creates strategic alignment, identifies needs, develops and delivers solutions and evaluates performance.


Earning your CPTM certification gives you the necessary tools and skills to grow in your career and is a testament to your proficiency in the L&D field. In fact, more than 95% of CPTMs surveyed have been able to apply principles from the program on the job. After six months of earning their credential, nearly 1 in 3 alumni reported receiving a salary increase and nearly 90% reported that they improved training practices in their business.

Throughout our research, we have also seen that the benefits you achieve through the CPTM program only grow over time — meaning you will continue to have a lasting impact in your L&D career. Take a look at what your peers have to say: The CPTM program has consistently received five-star reviews.

“I recently completed the CPTM program and cannot speak highly enough of the experience. The online modules taken before the live practicum had incredible information for training managers at any experience level. The live practicum was the icing on the cake!” – Laura McGaw, CPTM Training Manager, Magnolia Plumbing


The CPTM credential is recognized globally, across industries, as an established standard for training and development leaders. Each year, hundreds of companies list CPTM as a preferred qualification in their training manager job postings. The credential is also recognized by numerous other certification bodies, including SHRM and ATD.

Furthermore, the value of the CPTM credential has been highlighted by numerous organizations in the following articles: “What is the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM)?,” “10 Employee Certifications to Advance Your Career,” “8 Learning and Development Certifications for the Workplace,” “Learn About Being a Training Manager,” and “13 Best Learning and Development Certifications in 2024.”

Choosing the right certification can be difficult. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the CPTM program and another leading industry certification.


Training Industry created the CPTM credential for training managers and aspiring training managers across all industries. The alumni network is made up of a diverse group of elite L&D professionals. While they all may have training and development in common, alumni differ in the specialties, functions and industries they serve, in job titles and backgrounds, location and the size of the companies that employee them.

CPTM alums differ in the specialties, functions and industries they serve, their titles and backgrounds, where they reside and the size of the companies that employee them. Certified Professional in Training Management certification program is recognized in business services/education and training, information technology, financial services, government, retail and consumer services, health and medical services, manufacturing, nonprofit, utilities and transportation, and healthcare industries.

Learn more about the CPTM community here.


At our core, Training Industry Courses are designed to improve the impact of training by developing learning leaders throughout their careers. Every Training Industry course, including the flagship CPTM program, is application and business focused. In addition, the CPTM program can be completed online, and in as little as two months.

When you complete the CPTM program, you’ll gain a supportive community and personal connections to build your network of peers. You’ll also learn data-driven, research-based best practices that Training Industry continuously validates through the real-world experiences of your L&D peers. These best practices will provide you with immediately applicable competencies and insights to help you achieve your career goals. Further, as your needs change, the CPTM program provides all the resources and continuing professional development that you need to advance your career — and your entire training function. In fact, 100% of CPTMs certified in the last year said they were able to apply the tools they gained through certification on the job right away.

Over 2,000 learning leaders have certified in CPTM worldwide adding to the worldwide recognition.

Hear what graduates of the CPTM training program have to say about their experience. Read reviews from CPTMs here.

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