With a widespread shift to remote and hybrid work, remote learning is here to stay. And rightly so: It’s an effective way to engage with learners across geographic locations and time zones, as well as learners seeking greater flexibility in when, and where, they learn. Training Industry Courses understands the challenges of managing remote learning programs and knows what it takes to deliver effective training in a virtual environment. The Managing Remote Learning Workshop shares this expertise so that you can better manage impactful remote learning programs.

This course utilizes a blended learning approach, setting your foundational knowledge with self-paced pre-work including an overview of the remote modality toolbox and the remote learning roadmap. In the live session, you will work with your peers on critical remote learning topics such as utilizing learning technologies, creating engaging remote learning experiences, and special considerations for measurement and maintenance of remote learning programs.

Upon course completion, you will gain:

  • An understanding of the requirements necessary to manage and deliver remote learning programs, whether you are building them from scratch or converting in-person courses for a remote audience.
  • The ability to create engaging remote learning experiences that effectively utilize available learning technologies.
  • Several job aids to assist you with building a remote learning business case, outlining costs and ensuring that your programs utilize effective engagement strategies for maximum impact.


Target Audience: This course is designed for existing and emerging learning and development (L&D) professionals looking for innovative ways to manage remote learning programs from start to finish.

Training Manager Competency Model™ Alignment: Strategic Alignment, Assessing Training Outcomes, Selecting and Managing Resources, Managing Technology

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