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Learn market insights, sourcing practices, how training is delivered, market sizing & more from our annual State of the Industry report.

The State of the Leadership Training Market

Our annual State of the Industry report on the leadership training market provides an overview of current training and sourcing practices companies are using for leadership development.
AI revolutionizes business, yet only 47% of companies embrace it. The rest hesitate or resist. But midsize firms can thrive by leveraging AI’s potential. Learn how adopting a human-first approach and leveraging AI as a tool can enhance L&D efforts.
Whether due to transitioning to remote and hybrid work, economic pressures or other factors, it’s undeniable the “normal” employee experience has changed. In this e-book, discover what this new normal means for both employees and organizations as well as best practices for learning and development (L&D) in navigating these unchartered waters.
Don’t let your organization fall behind. Arm yourself with the knowledge and foresight to embrace the future of work confidently. Unlock the secrets to employee retention with our report and chart a course to sustainable growth and success.