Embark on a Learning Journey

Training Industry Courses’ Learning Journeys are professional development packages that were expertly curated to fit your unique development needs. Each Learning Journey is based on a selection of core responsibilities defined in the Training Manager Competency Model™, the foundation of our continuing professional development courses.

Focusing on core L&D processes and responsibilities including evaluating performance, identifying training needs and managing learning technologies, there is a Learning Journey that will help you fill your unique skills gaps to become a more confident learning leader. You get exactly what you need, all in one journey, with special benefits such as discounted rates and flexibility to select the session dates that fit your needs throughout your journey. 

Learn more about the packages below and discover which is most aligned with your career goals to take the first step on your professional development journey. 

L&D Starter Kit Journey 

This Learning Journey was created for L&D professionals who are newer to the profession, or those who feel they need to get up to speed with their skills around identifying training needs and developing and delivering training solutions. Click here to learn more.

Needs Assessment Journey

This Learning Journey equips training and development professionals with the skills they need to become a strategic business partner by learning effective needs assessment processes and how to leverage data to select the right training solutions. Click here to learn more.

Measuring Impact Journey 

This Learning Journey was designed for learning professionals who need help with evaluating the performance of training programs, reporting on those programs and leveraging data to create better training solutions. Click here to learn more.

Leadership Journey

This Learning Journey is perfect for those tasked with leadership training who need help with creating effective leadership development programs, utilizing tools such as competency models to assess leadership skills and be able to evaluate those programs to ensure they align with the goals of the organization. Click here to learn more.

Learning Technologies Journey

This Learning Journey focuses on L&D professionals who need help managing learning technologies at their organization including selecting the technologies that are aligned with business goals. Click here to learn more.

After registering for your Learning journey, you will receive access to our learning portal where you can select the session dates and times that best accommodate your professional development timeline. To see what courses are available throughout the year, view our catalog of upcoming professional development courses.   

Do you need some help selecting the Learning Journey that’s right for you? Click below to contact us, or schedule a professional development consultation.