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Team Alignment Is Just Around the Corner: Training Industry Courses for Groups

There’s no better time to invest in your team than the present. After all, giving your team the professional development they need to succeed will prepare them for whatever the future brings.

Training Industry offers a wide range of courses, listed below, to benefit your team. Whether your team members are dispersed across the globe or working across cubicles, Training Industry Courses are designed to unite your team members to drive training impact and promote team building in the process.

Benefits of Group Training:

  • Align your group with a common framework to improve collaboration and productivity.
  • Choose your own course dates; private sessions are available.
  • Work directly with our instructors to achieve your team’s goals by tackling direct challenges you’re facing.
  • Customize your experience by taking a look at specific functions, challenges and topics of your organization.
  • Receive tangible resources that are directly applicable to your team’s unique needs.

All group sessions are offered at a discounted rate!

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Each Training Industry course is offered virtually and in any time zone. You’ll work with our director of professional development to find the right program or programs for your team, to identify the right team members to participate, and to select a time that minimizes disruption and maximizes learning. You’ll then work with the course facilitator to share your team challenges and tailor the program to your needs. The Training Industry Courses team will also offer recommendations and best practices for team alignment and reinforcement before, during and after training so that your team is prepared to apply what you’ve learned to realize real business results. Do you have an idea for your team’s learning experience? Let us know! We’re happy to bring your ideal training experience to life.


Every Training Industry course is led by an experienced learning and development (L&D) professional. Each instructor brings years of industry expertise to the table, including knowledge of key processes, best practices and the latest L&D trends.


Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™)
Agile Certification for HR and L&D
Workshops Certificate Program
Strategic Planning Workshop Leading Leadership Development Certificate
Internal Consulting Workshop Managing Learning Technologies Certificate
Design Thinking Workshop Measuring the Impact of L&D Certificate
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Training Needs Assessment Certificate
Budgeting Fundamentals Workshop Managing Remote Learning Programs

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