Go beyond training with The Brainier Learning Management System.

Brainier’s eLearning solutions help your business achieve breakthrough results through better enterprise eLearning that will educate, engage, and empower your employees. The Brainier LMS creates a personalized learning experience for organizations of all sizes that motivates employees to improve and gives them the tools to do so from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

Our flagship, enterprise learning platform provides customers with tremendous flexibility for the rapidly changing and often highly sophisticated needs of today’s learners. Users stay engaged with features such as video coaching, gamification, collaborative learning, and much more.

Learning for Any Org Chart

The Brainier LMS is designed for maximum flexibility to work with any org chart, no matter how complex. Organizations can belong to just one parent company, yet each has its own look and feel and only sees its relevant data. The Brainier LMS can also swiftly incorporate non-employee learners while maintaining brand continuity.


Personalized Learning

The completely customizable “skin” of the Brainier LMS makes the learning experience feel like a natural extension of the brand. Custom HTML pages allow learning leaders to highlight certain courses, pages, social elements, or class registrations.

The Brainier LMS can also curate content based on individual learner needs, suggest other relevant content, be easily searchable to quickly find answers, allow users to suggest and share helpful content, and incorporate gamification elements to boost learner engagement.



Empowering Learners

Our cost-effective solutions and superior technology empower learners, support training & development management, and ultimately exceed overall business objectives. Using xAPI, the software allows organizations to expand their employees’ learning experience with outside resources and implement them into the LMS.

The platform also provides unrestricted mobility, productivity (utilizing SSO abilities) and an impressive collection of off-the-shelf content to help “kick start” any learning initiative.


Training Industry Recognition as a Leader


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About The Brainier LMS

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