BALTIMORE — April 16, 2024 — Prometric®, a global leader of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions, today announced a new partnership with Mursion, the industry leader in scalable, immersive simulations for building and evaluating workplace skills, to provide authentic learning and assessment experiences that harnesses the best in both artificial and human intelligence.

“Mursion simulations provide realistic and tailored testing scenarios that are a more authentic demonstration of a candidate’s skills and abilities,” said Nikki Eatchel, Chief Assessment Officer at Prometric. “With Mursion, we can better assess skills related to customer service, communication, sales, leadership and emotional intelligence. We’re proud to partner with Mursion to support holistic skill development of the global professional – from early career preparation through seasoned professionals.”

Mursion simulations use a powerful combination of AI technology and authentic human interaction to create personalized, adaptive, and realistic workplace experiences. This partnership will bring advanced assessment capabilities to our clients, further advancing Prometric’s position as a leader paving the way for new innovations within the industry.

“Through this partnership, Mursion is fusing Prometric’s decades of expertise with Mursion’s incomparable simulations to reshape the world of assessment and support skill development in the workforce at large,” said Mark Atkinson, CEO at Mursion. “Immersive simulations will redefine what ‘proficiency’ looks like, by evaluating more than an employee’s industry knowledge; simulations enable us to assess an individual’s ability to perform a complex and nuanced job functions under stressful conditions, measuring not just their skill, but also the empathy, adaptability, and flexibility with which they demonstrate that skill. These assessments can measure problem-solving, teamwork, coaching, leadership, and a wide range of sales, and customer service skills.”

About Prometric

Prometric is a leading provider of testing and assessment solutions, supporting over 25 million exam hours and serving more than seven million candidates every year. Using AI-powered development tools, robust assessment delivery capabilities, stringent security, and dedicated candidate support services, Prometric ensures the success of testing programs for leading organizations in over 180 countries. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn at

About Mursion

Powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction, Mursion provides an immersive learning platform where professionals develop the skills they need to be effective at work. Mursion simulations are designed for the modern workforce. Drawing upon research in learning science and psychology, Mursion harnesses the best in technology and human interaction to deliver outcomes for both learners and organizations. Mursion was named one of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2021 by the Financial Times and Inc. and has received multiple awards for innovation, including in Learning Technology and Diversity & Inclusion Innovation. To learn more, visit