NOTTINGHAM, England — April 17, 2024 — Thrive, the fastest growing, all-in-one, learning solution, announced today a significant leap in innovation, launching its Thrive AI Authoring Tool alongside a range of AI solutions, including an automated WhatsApp Coach, to elevate their market-leading learning platform.

Under the leadership of Chief Product Officer, Koreen Pagano, the company unveiled at Learning Technologies, a suite of groundbreaking AI-powered solutions that will transform the Thrive user experience, bringing instant answers and collaborative creation tools to the hands of learners and subject matter experts.

Thrive has tripled its investment in product development and this year welcomed top talent such as Koreen Pagano, Chief Product Officer, who joins Thrive having spent 20 years leading product teams at Degreed and, as well as Niloufar Zarin, Head of AI, who gained experience at the likes of Dyson heading up Machine Learning. These key hires are set to supercharge innovation and continue to develop and grow Thirve AI to new heights.

Thrive AI Authoring Tool

This launch sees Thrive develop its very own AI-powered Authoring Tool built within Thrive. Crafted to empower effortless content creation, the new Authoring Tool allows users and admins alike to seamlessly collaborate on content and integrate leading tools like Loom, Gong and Vimeo, all whilst harnessing generative AI to script content within seconds.

Additionally, features such as audio learning, translations and a content health check ensure the best quality and accessibility of content for your learners.

WhatsApp Coach

Thrive AI integrates with your existing tech stacks to provide unprecedented coaching and support to your users through platforms like WhatsApp and more. This gives learners even more opportunities to upskill and receive real-time assistance and guidance wherever is most accessible for them.

Dynamic Search

Leveraging AI, Thrive announces an improvement in dynamic search, surfacing instant answers trained on your company’s knowledge. Alongside this, Thrive has built more in-depth user reporting, giving admins search and behaviour insights like never before.

Social Learning

Thrive has also made enhancements in user-generated content capabilities, making it easier for users to share, save, and moderate content that fosters a dynamic social learning environment. Features such as personalised threads and one-click posting will encourage users to collaborate more than ever.

Koreen Pagano, Chief Product Officer at Thrive comments on Thrive’s recent releases;

“These launches mark a new era of continued innovation and growth for Thrive, we’re on a mission to build the world’s best learning experiences and AI is going to help us continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible and develop something radically different to what’s on the market today.

Our product focus is at the intersection of AI, skills, social learning strategies and content to ensure that Thrive will support our customers’ needs as we navigate the new era of learning together.”

Thrive AI places a significant emphasis on AI ethics and data security, recognising the vital importance of innovating and deploying AI responsibly, ensuring it operates within ethical boundaries and safeguards data. Niloufar Zarin, Head of AI at Thrive comments:

“Upholding ethical principles is a strategic necessity, essential for building trust with our customers. Our commitment to AI ethics, data security and worldwide policies is more than just words; it’s actionable. Our policies and stance will be realised through concrete measures, ensuring that every aspect of our AI deployment reflects our values and priorities.”

About Thrive

Thrive Learning is the industry’s fastest-growing learning technology company, empowering 3M+ users worldwide. 2019 was the year we rewrote the rule book and launched the first truly modern, all-in-one learning experience because doing things differently is in our DNA.

Fast forward to today, we’ve replaced hundreds of traditional LMSs and Content Providers for over 350+ global brands including Vodafone, Sky, British Airways, Matalan and Volvo and at our core is delivering the industry’s best customer experience – backed by 99% renewals.