SAN FRANCISCO — April 24, 2024 — ExitCertified, a leading IT training company, announces the addition of three new in-demand classroom trainings for AWS to its educational offerings.

The addition of these AWS Training Courses allows developers to build flexible, resilient applications that can adapt to the rapid changes and demands of AI-driven business environments, making them essential for professionals looking to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. In attending these courses, you will achieve the following:

    • Equips professionals with the skills to leverage AWS’s powerful cloud infrastructure and services for creating cutting-edge AI-driven solutions, addressing the growing demand for intelligent applications capable of content generation, automation, and personalized user experiences.
    • Ensures professionals can architect and manage storage solutions that support the heavy data workloads of AI applications.
    • Addresses the need for scalable, high-performance database solutions that can handle the unpredictable and varied data structures often produced and used by generative AI applications.

“These new offerings are another milestone in our long and successful partnership with AWS. We look forward to expanding our relationship and collaborating to deliver the most cutting-edge training to our clients and students.” – Tim Toomey, CEO at Axcel ILT.

1. Developing Generative AI Applications with AWS (2 days)

  • Do you want to improve customer experiences and solve complex business problems with generative AI? Learn to build generative AI applications with Developing Generative AI Applications on AWS. In this 2-day course an expert instructor will guide you in your developer role with Python experience through the basics, benefit, associated terminology of generative AI. You will learn the steps to planning a generative AI project, the foundations of prompt engineering, and more to develop generative AI applications with AWS services. By the end of the course, you will develop the skills needed to build applications that can generate and summarize text, answer questions, and interact with users using a chatbot interface.

2. Designing and Implementing Storage on AWS (3 days)

  • Learn to select, design, and optimize secure storage solutions to save on time and cost, improve performance and scale, and accelerate innovation with Designing and Implementing Storage on AWS. Explore AWS storage services and solutions for storing, accessing, and protecting your data. An expert AWS instructor will help you understand where, how, and, when to take advantage of different storage services. Learn how to best evaluate the appropriate AWS storage service options to meet your use case and business requirements. The course dives deep into how to store, manage, and protect your data in the cloud using Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon EFS, and Amazon FSx. Through presentations, demonstrations, group exercises and a series of hands-on labs, you will learn how to quickly provision powerful storage solutions in minutes.

3. Build Modern Applications with AWS NoSQL Databases (1 day)

  • Do you need to deliver applications with consistent, high performance and nearly unlimited throughput and storage? Learn to build modern applications using AWS purpose-built NoSQL databases with Build Modern Applications with AWS NoSQL Databases. An expert AWS instructor will help you understand how to build applications that involve complex data characteristics and millisecond performance requirements from your databases. You will learn to use purpose-built databases to build typical modern application diverse access patterns and real-time scaling needs. Through a series of presentations, guided tours, group discussions, and hands-on labs, you will learn to describe advanced features of Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB (with Mongo compatibility), and Amazon ElastiCache for Redis.

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About ExitCertified:

ExitCertified’s reputation as a leading IT training provider is underscored by its impressive 97% student-satisfaction rating and its recognition as one of the “Top 20 IT Training Companies” by Training Industry, Inc. for 11 consecutive years. With award-winning instructors employing interactive teaching methods, ExitCertified ensures knowledge retention and practical application.

About Axcel ILT:

ExitCertified will integrate AWS products and services into Axcel’s instructor-led training (ILT), allowing for collaboration with Web Age Solutions and Accelebrate.