SAN FRANCISCO — April 9, 2024 — New Level Work, the leading company for changing mindset and lifting performance among business leaders at every level, today announced the launch of the New Level Work Leadership Oracle, an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that delivers instant leadership development advice for free for anyone in the world to use.

The Leadership Oracle, available on the New Level Work website, provides clear, comprehensive, and well-informed advice for free 24-hours a day. Users simply type any leadership development question, and in seconds they will receive a response that is backed by years of cumulative experience from the company’s network of credentialed executive coaches.

“This tool will democratize the availability of high quality leadership development advice and guidance,” said New Level Work Vice President of Product, David Evans. “By integrating AI into our deep coaching knowledge base, we make foundational management coaching available at scale to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Questions the Leadership Oracle is equipped to answer range from how managers can manage workers who are older than they are, to best practices for providing constructive feedback, to how to run more effective team meetings and foster collaboration, especially with people working remotely or in different time zones. The answers provide actionable insights that can help leaders at any level within a company.

“We think it is important to take the tremendous knowledge and experience of our credentialed coaches beyond the walls of our existing customers,” Evans said. “We know that nothing can replace the personalized, real life coaching that our experts provide. But we believe leveraging generative AI can help revolutionize the coaching industry, particularly in areas focused on new skills acquisition.”

About New Level Work

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