SAN FRANCISCO — March 12, 2024 — WorkRamp, the pioneer of the Learning Cloud, in the Learning Management System (LMS) category, announces its latest partner for its WorkRamp Content offering, Ethena, a leading global provider of engaging compliance training for the modern workplace.

Compliance training is required for organizations to mitigate legal and regulatory risks and cultivate a culture of ethical conduct. Traditional compliance is often ineffective due to its dull and unengaging nature, leading to low employee engagement and reduced retention.

Ethena: workplace compliance training

Ethena takes a new approach to these courses–with engaging, funny, and interactive content:

    • From Harassment Prevention, DEI, and Code of Conduct to HIPAA, Data Privacy and more, Ethena’s more than 150 compliance topics and courses help organizations mitigate risk in the workplace and build strong ethical cultures
    • Ethena training replaces the dry text and scenarios of the past with engaging multimedia and an inclusive lens. This approach leads to high completion rates, better knowledge retention, and top marks from learners (Ethena courses average a 95% positivity rating across more than 1.2M learners).
    • Where conventional compliance training focuses on extreme scenarios not often encountered in the workplace, Ethena training explores the kind of real-world experiences employees often face, helping them navigate these tricky everyday gray areas

“Ethena’s course catalog is now available in WorkRamp’s Prebuilt Content library, giving teams access to the industry’s best compliance training content in WorkRamp’s leading LMS. Cringe-free compliance training is at the fingertips of WorkRamp customers, helping you go beyond checking the box and toward having a true impact on organizational culture.” — Anne Solmssen, CTO, Ethena

This partnership aligns with WorkRamp’s mission to build the world’s most successful teams through continuous learning and growth and provide effective, engaging compliance training to mitigate risk and protect employees and organizations.

“By partnering with Ethena, we offer fun and engaging compliance training in WorkRamp’s Prebuilt Content library. Having compliance content directly in your LMS helps to create a unified experience and equip employees with the resources they need without having to switch between multiple systems. Ethena’s fun and dynamic compliance content is a game-changer for engagement and knowledge retention on business-critical topics.” — Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder, WorkRamp

By consolidating ready-to-go compliance training content and employee learning resources on a centralized platform, organizations can boost team performance and reduce complexity without the need for disparate solutions. Get the power of compliance training right in your LMS when you partner with WorkRamp, one platform for all your employee learning.

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About Ethena

Ethena’s all-in-one compliance training solution helps you check all your boxes and build a better workplace. Our courses provide an experience your employees will actually like, ensuring engagement, and helping them navigate tricky situations. With 95%+ learner satisfaction across 1.2M+ learners, Ethena is the trusted compliance partner to many of the world’s fastest growing companies.