PORTSMOUTH, England & WASHINGTON — March 14, 2024 — Searchlight Cyber, the dark web intelligence company, has launched The Dark Web Hub – a first-of-its-kind online resource, providing crucial context and continuously updated information on dark web marketplaces, ransomware actors, hacking forums and other threats emanating from the dark web.

On launch, Searchlight Cyber’s The Dark Web Hub features:

    • A knowledge base on dozens of dark web sites – Including intelligence on some of the leading escrow and autoshop marketplaces, hacking forums, and ransomware group leak sites.
    • The Dark Dive podcast – A six-part limited series podcast launched today, featuring advice, insight, and real life stories from experts tackling the criminality that takes place on the dark web.
    • Explanatory videos – Offering digestible information on some of the biggest dark web threats.

Since its inception, the hidden and anonymous nature of the dark web has helped cybercriminals to operate with relative impunity. Security professionals and investigators are increasingly required to understand the workings of the dark web in order to fulfil their roles. However, by definition, the dark web is difficult to search and navigate. Specialist software is needed to access it, dark web sites are not indexed on search engines, and they are often dangerous, hostile environments. As such, the dark web still remains an often-misunderstood area of the internet.

The Dark Web Hub is designed to provide security professionals, law enforcement officers, business leaders, students, and journalists with an easy-to-navigate frame of reference on the most notable sites on the dark web and the threats emerging from them. Due to the fast moving, dynamic nature of the dark web, Searchlight’s The Dark Web Hub will provide regular updates with new information, video and podcast resources, and educational material to enhance understanding of the dark web.

Dr Gareth Owenson, CTO of Searchlight Cyber explained: “Knowledge is one of our greatest tools in combating dark web criminality. Criminals take advantage of the dark web’s obscurity to perpetrate their crimes, in the belief that they have the technical advantage. We hope that by sharing our expertise and some of our proprietary dark web intelligence publicly through The Dark Web Hub we will help tip the scales back in favor of security professionals and law enforcement. The Hub will be an up-to-date resource that defenders can use to educate themselves with the latest information on how the dark web works, the sites it contains, and the threats within them.”

Searchlight Cyber’s The Dark Web Hub is available to access now, and will be regularly updated as the dark web evolves. To find out more, visit: https://www.slcyber.io/dark-web-hub/

About Searchlight Cyber

Searchlight Cyber provides organizations with relevant and actionable dark web intelligence, to help them identify and prevent criminal activity. Founded in 2017 with a mission to stop criminals acting with impunity on the dark web, we have been involved in some of the world’s largest dark web investigations and have the most comprehensive dataset based on proprietary techniques and ground-breaking academic research. Today we help government and law enforcement, enterprises, and managed security services providers around the world to illuminate deep and dark web threats and prevent attacks. To find out more visit slcyber.io or follow Searchlight Cyber on LinkedIn and Twitter.