SAN FRANCISCO — March 26, 2024 — WorkRamp, the pioneer of the Learning Cloud, in the Learning Management System (LMS) category, has partnered with NINJIO, a pioneer in cybersecurity awareness training, to offer comprehensive solutions that protect businesses from online threats.

With NINJIO’s award-winning NINJIO AWARE training content, WorkRamp’s customers can deploy engaging and entertaining micro-learning cybersecurity videos to help keep their employees informed about the latest cyber threats, right in their LMS. These trainings have a proven track record in reducing risks and increasing employee awareness.

“It’s not just about checking a box for non-negotiable security training; it’s about securing your enterprise through your most important line of defense: your people,” said Ted Blosser, CEO and Co-founder of WorkRamp. “That’s why we’re so excited to team up with a leader in cybersecurity awareness. NINJIO is evolving how we think about cybersecurity training and creating training content that is engaging and entertaining. This partnership is all about breaking away from the mold to offer a training approach that truly protects against threats.”

The partnership enables WorkRamp to deliver cybersecurity awareness training to customers, tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization. Based on the belief that educational material must earn a user’s attention to be successful, NINJIO’s Hollywood writers develop episodes with proven storytelling techniques. Characters, animation, story arcs, and lessons come together to ensure users stay engaged with the episodes and learn the material.

“We are excited to partner with WorkRamp and provide our industry-leading cybersecurity training to their customers,” said Annette Evans, Vice President Channel at NINJIO. “We look forward to helping WorkRamp enhance their cybersecurity awareness training offerings and help their customers stay safe from the latest cyber threats.”

The partnership with NINJIO aligns with WorkRamp’s mission to offer top-of-the-line cybersecurity solutions to its customers. With NINJIO’s platform, WorkRamp can provide effective and engaging cybersecurity training that helps businesses of all sizes stay protected from online threats.

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NINJIO is an all-in-one solution that lowers human-based cybersecurity risk through engaging training, personalized testing, and insightful reporting. Our multi-pronged approach to training focuses on the latest attack vectors to build employee knowledge and the behavioral science behind human engineering to sharpen users’ intuition. The proprietary NINJIO Risk Algorithm™ identifies users’ social engineering vulnerabilities based on NINJIO PHISH3D phishing simulation data and informs content delivery to provide a personalized experience that changes individual behavior.