Why complete a team assessment? 

The Training Industry Training Team Assessment allows you to get a holistic picture of your teams’ strengths and weaknesses, based on Training Industry’s Training Manager Competency Model. With this information, you can target the areas of professional development that your training team needs the most.  

What is the Training Manager Competency Model? 

The Training Manager Competency Model™ identifies the seven core responsibilities and foundational leadership competencies essential to successful training management. Within each core responsibility are the competencies that the training manager must have to successfully perform the responsibility. 

Training Manager Competencies

How does Training Industry Courses use the data from my team assessment? 

The data from this assessment will always remain 100% confidential and anonymous. In fact, you won’t even know how your individual team members responded. Your teams’ results will be combined to give you one summarized report. This report will only be given to you and will never be made public.  

How does it work? 

Step 1: Invite your training team to complete this competency assessment. Make sure they all type the name of your organization correctly; this is how we will identify and aggregate their responses. See an example email below. To protect the anonymity of individual results, you must have at least five team members respond to be able to access your complementary strengths and opportunities report.  

Example email:  

Hi team! 

We are dedicated to making sure that you have the skills and resources that you need to be successful in your roles. To help inform a plan for our team development, I am asking that you all complete this short survey. The survey is based on a competency model designed specifically for professionals in the training industry.  

Your results will be completely anonymous, even I won’t know who said what! So, please be as candid as possible.  

I will be checking on our progress toward completing the assessment in one week, so please fill out the survey as soon as possible.  

Thank you! 

Step 2: Once your team members have all completed the assessment, reach out to one of our professional development specialists to generate your custom team competency summary report.  

Step 3: Schedule your free consultation with Training Industry’s director of professional development to create a team development plan based on your results.  

Tips for a successful assessment: 

  • Set clear expectations around who should complete the survey and how long they have to do so. 
  • Assure your team that their results will be completely anonymous. 
  • Emphasize that the results will be used in professional development planning.